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Current suggestions for Wifi Adapaters for UP boards

KurtKurt Posts: 142New Member ✭✭

Recently I ordered an Intel R200 Robotics development kit from Mouser, which came with a new UP board. I should have checked if it also came with a wifi adapter (it did not...).

I am soon going to mount this in a Turtlebot3 Waffle PI (to replace the PI and camera).

Wondering which Wifi Adapter to use. I am probably asking this after all of the horses left with the open barn door as I ordered a couple of adapters from Amazon, which should ship tonight, but...

I decided to not order the same one as the UP ships and I have on my other UP board as would prefer to not purchase another one that you have to replace the drivers to make work OK...

Likewise I have some older edimax dongles which I have used in Odroids and earlier RPI boards.

What I have ordered include:
Panda Mini Wifi 150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter

SparkLAN WUBR-508N(PU) / 802.11a/b/g/n 2x2 MIMO / USB Module with Printed Antenna + USB Type A (Ralink RT5572)

I believe I saw reference to both of these either by name like Panda or by chip type RT5572.

Any better suggestion? If not I will probably start by trying the Sparklan adapter as it is higher speed...


Edit: Forgot to mention I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on this board


  • KurtKurt Posts: 142New Member ✭✭

    So far the SparkLan... Is working. Will see how it works when used with ROS...

  • Douwe van NijnattenDouwe van Nijnatten Posts: 5New Member

    Hi Kurt,

    I am running into wifi adapter issues as well. Do you perhaps have an update on which adapters run smoothly on the UP and which didn't?


  • KurtKurt Posts: 142New Member ✭✭

    Hopefully someone will jump in and make some suggestions. I first tried the SparkLan one, but I ran into some issues, don't remember exactly what, so I have stuck using the Panda. So far I have not run into any issues with it, but I have not been doing much with it lately.

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