Add BIOS support for Intel Wireless-AC 9260

meritemerite Posts: 3New Member
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Would it be possible to add support for the Intel Wireless-AC 9260 please?
As of right now for me only the BT driver is working.



  • kloczekkloczek Posts: 10New Member

    For what?
    Do you want to have PXE boot over wifi?

  • meritemerite Posts: 3New Member
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    @kloczek said:
    For what?
    Do you want to have PXE boot over wifi?

    No, I do not require network booting. But running W10 the latest 9260 Intel driver (20.40.0) is not getting WiFi to work for me.
    I suppose there is a compatibility issues which can be fixed by the OEM through the means of an BIOS update.

    Sorry for not being specific enough in my first message.

  • kloczekkloczek Posts: 10New Member

    In case of Linux firmware is loaded on boot stage. I would be surprised if it will be different in case W10.

  • meritemerite Posts: 3New Member

    Could you just leave this thread to those who can actually either report valuable findings or those who have the power to change something? Your not helping. Sorry and thanks.

    Not even the 8265 is working.
    Please refer to


  • AlingAling Posts: 506Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin

    UP team tested 9260 in both Windows & Linux, and it doesn't work. We don't think it is BIOS problem, probably it is just too new chipset.

  • anlgrsanlgrs Posts: 3New Member

    Any update?

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