M.2 2230 WiFi/BT in the Up Square: success with Intel 7760 AC, failure with 8265

MialaretMialaret Posts: 33New Member
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Has anybody successfully installed an M.2 2230 WiFi/BlueTooth kit in the Up Square ?

If so, was any change in the BIOS necessary ?

t have installed an Intel 8265 M.2 2230 adapter but it does not even appear in the devices manager.

I know for a fact that the card works, having tested it in my Dell XPS 15.


  • DCleriDCleri Posts: 556Administrator, AAEON admin
    Hi Cedric,

    Which OS are you running on the UP Squared?
  • Michael MillerMichael Miller Posts: 93New Member
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    I have installed a bluetooth/wifi 1630 card that I pulled from my dell laptop and it works fine with no setup under win 10.
  • MialaretMialaret Posts: 33New Member
    DCleri wrote:
    Hi Cedric,

    Which OS are you running on the UP Squared?
    Windows 10 Pro latest
  • MialaretMialaret Posts: 33New Member
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    The Intel 8265AC created problems with USB. I can only assume the Up Squared is maxxed out in its capacity usage, IRQ or PCI lane.

    In the end, I swapped it out with my Dell XPS's older Intel AC7260.

    The 7260 does work with the Up Square - sort of.
    No problem with WiFi or my BT keyboard.

    Without antenna (my ipx connectors are too big) the Bluetooth reception is very limited, keyboard & mouse must be within 20-30cm of the card.
  • atmouseatmouse Posts: 2New Member
    The same issue here.

    OS: Archlinux with kernel 4.12.10
    firmware: iwlwifi-8265-27.ucode

    if first boot, the intel 8265 confirmed with lspci command output,
    but completely lost after reboot without disconnected power supply.
    them reboot again, it comes back.
  • atmouseatmouse Posts: 2New Member
    pass "reboot=efi" to kernel’s command-line parameters fix it
  • Kabuli ChanaKabuli Chana Posts: 8New Member
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    Wondering if you are still on 4.12.x kernel with this working for you. With 4.13k I am not seeing the device anymore, and no errors generated.

    Edit: The only consistent method I have found to get it seen is by removal of power, trying to force a cold reboot did not work:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="reboot=cold intel_iommu=on quiet splash"
    on Linux upyours 4.13.3-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 21 20:33:16 CEST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    somewhat annoying feature, did not notice this on 4.12.x but I may have just missed it occurring.
  • Kabuli ChanaKabuli Chana Posts: 8New Member
    I assume this is an issue of the BIOS and was wondering if you would expect it to be addressed in the next relase?
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