Software definable battery controller to be able to re-use various laptop batteries

therobyouknow New Member Posts: 1

I'm looking to retro-fit an older small netbook Toshiba NB100, by replacing the logic board with the single core Atom 1.6Ghz with an up-board core.

A hardware/software solution for re-using the battery for this laptop seems to be among the hardest task. Ideally I'm looking for some kind of programmable battery controller whereby the a particular battery can be defined in software.

I'd want to be able to charge while using the machine. I'd want battery level to be reported in the usual Windows way (ACPI drivers would be needed).

I think that there might be a good market for the upboard for re-using most of the parts of old laptops in this way: environmental particularly.

Saw related post: but not quite the same as what I'm looking to do.

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