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SDIO on UP Core

TomoTomo Posts: 4New Member


Does the up core support SDIO?
I would like to connect device like Wi-Fi module.



  • rogertsai(AAEON)rogertsai(AAEON) Posts: 89New Member ✭✭
    edited March 15

    Hi Tomo,
    Wi-Fi module for UP CORE has already supported. Please click on the link below for UP CORE Datasheet, and take a look at block diagram

  • TomoTomo Posts: 4New Member

    Hi rogertsai,

    Thank you for your answer.
    I understand UP CORE has already on-board Wi-Fi module.
    However, I would like to connect UP CORE to other Wi-Fi module has SDIO interface.
    UP CORE seems to have SDIO interface in 100pin docking connector.
    Does it work as SDIO host controller that support Wi-Fi module?

    Thank you.

  • rogertsai(AAEON)rogertsai(AAEON) Posts: 89New Member ✭✭

    The 100 pin Docking Connector does not support SDIO, only for SD card

  • TomoTomo Posts: 4New Member

    SDIO is written in up-crst01_20171010.pdf.
    Is it incorrect?

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