Up Squared Board Does Not Boot, No LED Lights Up

yktan6yktan6 New Member Posts: 2

Hi, all.

There are some problem with my board. Just yesterday, my Up Squared Board cannot boot at all suddenly. There is no blue led light turn up when connecting with the power supply given. However, before yesterday, everything went right and sound. I can install OS, do programming stuff and so on just like using a PC. Except for the HDMI and power supply, I did not connect any other stuff to the board since I received this board. So, can anyone help me to solve this problem?

Thank you for your patience and your kindness.


  • Bas HornemanBas Horneman New Member Posts: 22

    Have you tried loosening the screws of the heat sink?

  • yktan6yktan6 New Member Posts: 2

    Yes, I have tried that before I post this question in this forum. By the way, thanks you for your answer

  • Bas HornemanBas Horneman New Member Posts: 22

    Just a moment ago I fixed a problem where mine would not boot...and showed a flashing blue light...after having it disconnected for a while I put on the power and held the reset button for about ten seconds...lo and behold it boots up again ( but still have problems..probably my emmc has become corrupt...so now I might try to have some kind of live usb stick...so it won't have to use the emmc memory.

  • Oliver KorffOliver Korff New Member Posts: 2

    Did you fix the the problem? I have the exact same problem and can't figure out how to fix it.

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