UP Squared USB OTG gadget mode not working

Neon123456Neon123456 Posts: 3New Member

Is there something missing in the wiki to get USB gadget mode working with the UP Squared?

I use the suggested Ubuntu and kernel, latest firmware, the original OTG cable and tried g_serial as described in the wiki.

There are no error messages and everything seems to be ok. But when I connect the other end of the cable then nothing happens, no dmesg output or anything. It seems that the kernel can be configured to be in either device or host mode or both at the same time? The default setting with Ubuntu is both and I can use an USB stick with the OTG cable.

Am I missing something?


  • jan77jan77 Posts: 6New Member

    Have the same problem (UP2 - 4.9.45-ubilinux+ / BIOS 3.3 - with default settings).
    After doing "sudo modprobe g_serial", the dmesg outputs :
    "udc-core: couldn't find an available UDC - added [g_serial] to list of pending drivers"

  • Neon123456Neon123456 Posts: 3New Member

    It have tried the same with with g_ether but do not have an error message in dmesg output. It is as if the cable is dead. It would be nice if someone can confirm that this should work with the cable for the UP. I got mine from Texim Europe (OPT-UP-CABLE-USB-001) and it is a white cable.

  • Neon123456Neon123456 Posts: 3New Member

    It seems to be a problem with USB 3. It is working with an USB 2 micro B cable.

  • jan77jan77 Posts: 6New Member

    Thanks @Neon123456, I'll have to test that out :)

  • ccaldeccalde Posts: 199New Member, Emutex mod

    Hi all,

    Is that discussion closed?

    Was that issue in the USB 3.0?

    Thank you!

  • raresh_praresh_p Posts: 6New Member

    I have the same issue, it worked with g_mass_storage module and some memtest ISOs, now I cannot make it work anymore (to register as a USB FLASH memory to my laptop, or even list it as USB device).
    I have the same UDC error.
    The firmware is updated to latest and the OTG is set on "ACPI" mode in BIOS.

  • ccaldeccalde Posts: 199New Member, Emutex mod

    Hi @raresh_p ,

    Could you try to test your OTG using the following instructions?

    sudo modprobe g_serial
    sudo systemctl enable [email protected]
    sudo systemctl start [email protected]

    You must connect the OTG to other machine via USB and check in both endpoints:
    dmesg | tail


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