Black screen after BIOS update


I messed up.

Yesterday after deciding to switch from the mainline generic kernel to the upboard one I rebooted my UP. Of course things got very dirty very quickly.

I ended up having to liveboot and revert what I've done via chroot. Mainline did it's magic, everything was back to normal.

Being in a tinkering mood, I wanted to test that shiny upboard kernel though. You know, because reasons....
So I thought to myself: "Hey! Maybe the upboard kernel isn't bad after all! Maybe an formware update will fix this!" I should've stopped at that point.

Oh boy. I was in for a ride.

So I followed that article:

Downloaded this:

Formatted a thumbdrive with FAT32, copied over the files, checked sha256sums of everything.
Sure enough, they matched with what I had downloaded.

So I plugged it in, popped an EFI shell and ran GO.
It started the normal sequence of reading, erasing, verifying. After a couple of minutes verifying a yellow text popped up for a split second, then the UP board rebooted. The screen stayed black.
For half an hour.

I've cut the power, went for a coffee, still: black screen. I can't change the NumLock or Caps state of the attached USB keyboard either. This pretty much tells me the board does not POST, or hangs very early on.


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  • rogertsai(AAEON)
    rogertsai(AAEON) New Member Posts: 350 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Alphakilo,
    It seemed the BIOS broken by reflash failed or wrong BIOS on your UP. Try to clean the CMOS on your UP, it will reset your BIOS settings if the upgradeable BIOS is valid. However, what's your UP model you use? It should be UP-CHT01-XXX-XXXX

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