Status / schedule for carrier boards and metal case

Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110

What is the anticipated release schedule for the various carrier board and the fanless metal chassis? Last I heard it was "after fulfilling Kickstarter orders". Since I've already received my Core from the Kickstarter, this is "after" for me.... :) Approximations would be helpful. I'm not looking for exact or commitments.


  • fnoop
    fnoop New Member Posts: 28

    Given the normal timescales from aaeon, I would guess around November (year unknown). You might get an answer here around July..
    If anyone has 3d printer/skills, it would be great if someone could fix and publish this:

  • fnoop
    fnoop New Member Posts: 28

    So the official case/chassis has eventually been released for the up core. $56 including shipping. Are you guys on drugs?

  • Robert Shelton
    Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110

    AAEON needs to find an alternative to FedEx for reduced cost / speed global shipping. The US distributor is a disaster based on my first hand experiences with them. We need a way to get products shipped to the US without paying as much for shipping as for the products.

  • Kurt
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    Yes - I have resisted buying things from the up shop due to the cost of shipping.

    This week however I did purchase a new UP board from mouser, which arrived with shipping of about $8. In this particular case it was actually packaged by Intel as I purchased it with the Realsense R200 camera setup. The main issue I see with Mouser is their selection is very limited on what they carry and more particular what they have in stock.

  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin

    Hi all,

    Some updates about the carrier board status. We found out we need to rework the high speed carrier board for the mini-PCIe function, and it should be back to our warehouse in 2-3 weeks. For low speed carrier board, we need to have a new PCB fabrication again. Sorry, we are stupid, so we need to make re-schematics. So it will take at least another 6-8 weeks.

    No excuse, it has been too long. Let me check around if anything we can do to help.

  • Kevin
    Kevin New Member Posts: 8

    Is there any news on when these will be available and if/when updated schematics will be made available?

  • toinas
    toinas New Member Posts: 4

    is there an update for this?