Free Up-Core [model file] of custom case design for [3D Printing]

Sean PhillipsSean Phillips Posts: 8New Member
Hi All,

I am still waiting for my up-core in the mail, but I have attached a 3D model of case design from the 3D models of board provided already. I have attached everything in grabcad site, all models are uploaded.

My request is that someone print it at home, and please post here if it fits together ok.

There is a locking mechanism that is similar to underwater sonar. All you need is 1/16" ridged plastic wire. Suggestion would be nylon from weed wacker.

Thanks in advance,
See link below



  • DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member
    So Far, so good. Just did a quick print(used wrong material settings), all dimensions look to be good, with the screw holes lining up perfectly with the board. Almost holds together with friction. Re-printing with the correct material settings......
  • DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member
    It prints out really nice. The two pieces fit together perfectly, and almost friction lock.

    With the board in tough, the pieces don't quite touch , and seems like there should be a void for air to get to the heatsink.
    I had to unplug the coin cell, no room, this case is tight :)
    Would also be nice, if there was a place to mount the sma connector.
  • Sean PhillipsSean Phillips Posts: 8New Member
    Thank you so much for printing it and adding feedback!

    I have revised the model at attached it to GrabCad site, same location as other.
    Here are my revision notes.

    -Increased width, length, and height slightly.
    -Added two SMA sized access holes on either side of case, can be used for other wire assemblies
    -Added vents to top and back, these vents allow upward air flow that will draw air in from the side across the board.

    The zip file (Up-Core-Case_version supports most file formats. Only top and bottom parts have been attached this time.

    If again someone can print it, that would be great, and if you have some kind of flexible wire, or nylon. I would love to hear how the locking mechanism works.


  • DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member
    I was able to put the coin cell in the bottom after all, and this works very well.

    The whip lock is cool. I could only get .065 whip to work, which is very tiny, but installed easily and made the cases more difficult to get apart, but not locked. Maybe if it were the larger .08.
  • DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member
    Version 2 does work much better.

    The clearance on the heat-sink is great, and the top vent holes look very cool.

    I'm still pretty new to printing, so my skillz for dealing with thermal issues are wanting. The rear vent hole looks great in the model, but got pretty ugly when printed.

    The hole for the SMA connector is way to big, and with the heat-sink where it is, it might be hard to route the cable. Perhaps in the corners would be better.

    The underside of the board has some very tiny SMD components at the front edge, and a couple of solder-balls on the bottom of the HDMI connector. These end up touching the front lip of the bottom of the case, and prevent the board from going flat.
  • Sean PhillipsSean Phillips Posts: 8New Member
    Thanks for the feed back. I will now wait for mine in the mail in order to refine my design.

    I will also add scaffolding to the vents, thank you for highlighting the issue with printers that don't automatically add scaffolding.

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the case, or temporary case. At lease for any designers it could be a starting point.

    I will continue to produce new case designs, and attach them for free in my GrabCad account, so stay tuned.
  • fnoopfnoop Posts: 28New Member

    @Sean Phillips - Hi, did you ever get your up core and amend your case? I'm looking to get one printed but thought I would wait until you fixed any remaining issues. Thanks!

  • DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member

    @fnoop said:
    @Sean Phillips - Hi, did you ever get your up core and amend your case? I'm looking to get one printed but thought I would wait until you fixed any remaining issues. Thanks!

    Never heard back from Sean, but I made some tweaks to his design with tinkercad.

  • fnoopfnoop Posts: 28New Member

    Thanks Donald! Have you actually printed this and fitted it to an up core?

  • DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member

    Yes. Printed on a lulz bot mini 5 with eSun PLA. Antenna is a little tight, but it works.

  • fnoopfnoop Posts: 28New Member

    Fantastic, thanks very much :) I went to look at ordering the official case today and found it adds up to $56 after tax and shipping, no thanks. Makes much more sense to spend $10 on a local 3d printer thanks to great community contributions like this. Thanks!

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