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BIOS settings for Futurelabs 7"W eDP screen

Gordon PatersonGordon Paterson Posts: 5New Member

I'm having an issue getting the up2 to display it's output on the screen. I have followed the instructions for the DIP switch on the interface board, 1 & 8 set to off 2 -7 set to on position.
In the BIOS (V2.1) I have changed the North bridge IGD Boot Type to eDP.
What am I missing?


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  • Gordon PatersonGordon Paterson Posts: 5New Member
    Accepted Answer

    Issue has been fixed by updating the BIOS to version 3.3.


  • AlingAling Posts: 437Administrator, AAEON admin

    It sounds strange. Did you get your Futurelab display from UP shop after March 2017?
    Before March 2017, the display doesn't support eDP signal.

  • Gordon PatersonGordon Paterson Posts: 5New Member

    The interface board is the TFC_UP2EDP variant with the DIP switch for changing between eDP and MIPI. I also have an UP board and screen as well, so I have tried changing the screen and cables between the two. The UP board displays using the original interface board but using the UP2EDP variant doesn't display using either the UP or UP2.

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