[SOLVED] Crashes on Heavy-Duty graphic usage

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my up² runs the most recent ubilinux. If I start Kodi and start a movie (Full HD), after a random time the system resets itself. I first thought this might be a power-relatet problem, but voltage is stable an I never saw a current over 2 Amps...

I had the same problem using windows 10 until I installed the most recent Intel GPU driver.

Do you have any suggestions were to start? I'd really like to see this system work...

PS: Not unsing Kodi (running the server headless) it works smooth even 24/7.



  • Javier Arteaga
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    Hi Pascal,

    Could you send me the output of this troubleshooting script on your UP2 while running Kodi?

  • koriwi
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    hi, i have the same problem.
    when watching netflix, after random time, my up² restarts.
    Temps are good.
    only happening when youtube or netflix is running for a longer time.
    idle is fine.

    will post script output later

  • 4ng3l
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    I have just the same problem: after a while working on Kodi under Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon or running Batocera x64 it crashes and reboots... Will active cooling solve this? I would rather know it than waste my money!

  • 4ng3l
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    Please, anyone has notice some improvement after upgrading to active cooling?

  • 4ng3l
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    A week ago I upgraded to active cooling my UP Squared based on Pentium . I still have to perform several more tests, but it seems that active cooling improves performance quite fine and prevents that system to reboot randomly.

  • koriwi
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    Mine even reboots with a 120mm fan attached :/
    Moderators, pls.
    I don't want to RMA it

  • mow
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    I had similar issues.
    Even to the point where my UP crashed on X startup (it showed a graphical screen during boot but crashed before showing a graphical login.
    Before (depending on installed system/kernel) I had cases where X started but failed as soon as videos were shown or videos crashed somewhere during playing.

    I always considered that a software issue, but it turned out, the machine was underpowered. I ran it (N4200 cpu, 8GB of RAM and a 2.5" sata HD attached) with the 4A (20W) power supply I got with the board, and that seems to be too little at least in some peaks.
    When I finally understood that this is a power supply issue, I switched to a 6A (30W) power supply and now it runs just fine.

    I must say I'm a bit disappointed that UP did not provide more clear hints that the provided power supply is not suitable to run the UP² except in minimal configurations (without the disk it would have probably worked). At least I did not see any.
    I got the machine in the initial kickstarter campain.

  • ccalde
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    Hi @mow,

    Sorry for reading that, but the necessary information about the set up and hardware information about the UP2 is in the Wiki:

    I hope the information is clear enough for running your UP2 board successfully.