I2C0 on Upcore and upboard does not work.

nitin_mind New Member Posts: 2

I was trying to test if the two I2C ports on upcore are woking but I found out that the I2C1 port works fine when I run "i2cdetect -r 0" but the i2c0 port on pin 73 (I2C0_SOC_SDA ) and 75 (I2C0_SOC_SCL) do not owrk as I tried to probe the SCL line with an oscilloscope.

Interestingly I found these messages in the kernel bootup log:

[ 2.678814] i2c_designware 808622C1:00: failure requesting irq 32: -38
Jan 25 12:52:23 mindmusiclabs kernel: [ 2.686215] i2c_designware 808622C1:00: I2C_DESIGNWARE 0 Controller at 0xa162e000 (irq 32) (baudrate 400000)
Jan 25 12:52:23 mindmusiclabs kernel: [ 2.686261] i2c_designware: probe of 808622C1:00 failed with error -38

I guess the 808622C1:00 instance which is the i2c0 port is not successfully set up.

Note: This is the case with UpBoard also, I have checked on upboard too. the i2c0 doesn't work and same messages are seen in the kernel log.

Please confirm if there is any issue and how to fix it.





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