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DonaldDonald New Member Posts: 11
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So I can customize the the latest kernel released with ubilinux, but what I really need is a patchset for 4.14. I tried doing a format-patch from 4.9.45, but they don't cleanly apply to 4.14.
Is there any plans to release a 4.14 kernel or patchset


  • Javier ArteagaJavier Arteaga Emutex Posts: 163 mod

    Hi Donald,

    We haven't officially released patches beyond 4.10 yet, but we're aiming to update them as part of getting UP board support upstreamed.

    Looking through GitHub, I can also see some rebased versions of the patchset floating around (e.g. https://github.com/plbossart/sound/commits/backport/v4.14-intel-audio-upboard-4.10). I haven't personally tested these patches—they may or may not work as expected.

  • DonaldDonald New Member Posts: 11

    Would any of the changes made to the kernel in order to support up*, have negative affects on other hardware platforms. Can I safely support up* in a general distro kernel?

  • Javier ArteagaJavier Arteaga Emutex Posts: 163 mod
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    The better part of our code changes would only apply when running on an UP platform. So far I haven't encounterd any issues whenever I've tested our ubilinux/Ubuntu kernels on non-UP platforms.

    As mentioned before though we're still working towards upstreaming, and that means that if you do find any regression on a non-UP platform we will treat that as a bug to be fixed.

  • chrissyhebchrissyheb New Member Posts: 3

    Can you give an estimation when the patches for the upboards (especially up2 for me) will be integrated into the mainline kernel?

  • chrissyhebchrissyheb New Member Posts: 3

    Hi Javier/up-Team
    I'm still wondering about the plans for getting the patches for the 40Pin IO into mainline kernel. I need to set up a customized real time kernel for my up2 with support for the 40Pin IO and am waiting for the patches to appear inside the mainline kernel sources or to get a official and maintained patch set for a current kernel.
    I read at another thread of a kernel 4.14 at the end of september, but that doesn't seen to me like you are working on integrating the sources into mainline kernel. I chose my up2 because I thought of a well supported x64 platform with up to date kernel and good support. But these expectations don't seem to get fulfilled at near future and therefore I'm a little bit disappointed.
    So please can you give me a estimation for getting a patch set for up to date kernels or an integration into the mainline kernel?

  • ccaldeccalde Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 266 admin

    Hi @chrissyheb ,

    About the patches for 40pin IO, that's in progress and a considerable set of patches has been submitted to kernel maintainers.
    They're working closely with them to get most of them approved and available in the upcoming kernels.

    About the new kernel, it's the kernel 4.15 and that is planned to be released in September (probably towards the end of September), hopefully.


  • chrissyhebchrissyheb New Member Posts: 3

    Hi @ccalde ,
    Thanks for that fast and promising information.
    I'm looking forward to getting the 40pin IO work with the mainline kernel.

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