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DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member

So I can customize the the latest kernel released with ubilinux, but what I really need is a patchset for 4.14. I tried doing a format-patch from 4.9.45, but they don't cleanly apply to 4.14.
Is there any plans to release a 4.14 kernel or patchset


  • Javier ArteagaJavier Arteaga Posts: 163Emutex mod

    Hi Donald,

    We haven't officially released patches beyond 4.10 yet, but we're aiming to update them as part of getting UP board support upstreamed.

    Looking through GitHub, I can also see some rebased versions of the patchset floating around (e.g. I haven't personally tested these patches—they may or may not work as expected.

  • DonaldDonald Posts: 11New Member

    Would any of the changes made to the kernel in order to support up*, have negative affects on other hardware platforms. Can I safely support up* in a general distro kernel?

  • Javier ArteagaJavier Arteaga Posts: 163Emutex mod
    edited January 24

    The better part of our code changes would only apply when running on an UP platform. So far I haven't encounterd any issues whenever I've tested our ubilinux/Ubuntu kernels on non-UP platforms.

    As mentioned before though we're still working towards upstreaming, and that means that if you do find any regression on a non-UP platform we will treat that as a bug to be fixed.

  • chrissyhebchrissyheb Posts: 1New Member

    Can you give an estimation when the patches for the upboards (especially up2 for me) will be integrated into the mainline kernel?

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