No boot, nothing happens...

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I received my UP Core today, so I wanted to first try it. I just connected a screen via HDMI and plugged the power supply. I think I should be able to see the UEFI menu. But nothing happens...

I tried to plug a mouse via USB to see if it gets powered, but still, nothing happens (the lights of the mouse don't light, so I think there is no power at all...)

Finally, I tried to click on the "power button", but it didn't change anything...

Am I missing something?

(just so you know, I bought the "UP CORE 4GB RAM/64GB eMMC starter pack" from Kickstarter)


  • AlingAling Posts: 500Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin

    Please try to unplug the RTC battery for 10 sec and plug it back. In this case, the BIOS will get back to the factory setting. Hope it will solve the problem.
    ( if necessary, try other HDMI cable)

  • xinouchxinouch Posts: 2New Member

    I just tried it, unfortunately it didn't fix anything...

    the HDMI cable and the mouse works well on other devices. I guess there is a problem with either the power supply or the UP Core...

    Do you know how I can test the power supply? Is there any light on the motherboard to say that it is on?

  • AlingAling Posts: 500Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin
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    On UP Core, there is a blue LED, if the power goes through, you should see the LED on.
    If you still can not fix it, please contact [email protected] for RMA by giving your Kickstarter backer ID.

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    I've had exactly the same issue with a 4GB 64GB Up-Core board. No HDMI output and no LED's lighting up at all. Tried the battery reset without success. I'm trying now to return it to Mouser - hopefully I've just been unlucky, but there do seem to be quite a few people having similar issues on this forum doesn't there?

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