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Power Supply Specs UP Squared


I would like to use my Up Squared in a mobile way. That is, I won't have access to a power outlet.

I have several batteries at my disposal, but I'm wondering if it is possible to know the range of input voltages that can be applied to the power DC jack. Also, is there another way of powering the board than using the jack ?

Thanks !



  • AlingAling Posts: 491Administrator, AAEON admin

    Instead of DC jack, you can also power the board from 40-pin.
    There are some mobile HATs on the market, you may check if it fits your need.

  • mpetitjempetitje Posts: 5New Member

    Thanks for the information.

    Does that mean it is sufficient to connect a voltage supply to a 5V pin of the GPIOs ? Is there somewhere I can find the maximal current that can flow in this GPIO ?

  • AlingAling Posts: 491Administrator, AAEON admin

    5V@4A is fine.

  • EricEric Posts: 12New Member

    To confim/clarify; If we wish to power the up squared through the 40-pin connector this is fine. To do so we should:

    • Supply regulated 5v through pins (per this diagram in the manual).

      • just 2 ?
      • just 4 ?
      • both ?
    • Which grounds should we connect?

      • 6,9? just 6? just 9?
    • Is the 3.3v provided back to the hat via on-board regulation? or do we need to supply that too?

    Specific guidance would be appreciated. We're powering our up squared via a 24v 2000mah battery with a 5v 10a regulator, (through the barrel connector). If we can power it through an on board connection, it's a big improvement in our packaging.

  • EricEric Posts: 12New Member

    @Aling can you comment?

  • nukularnukular Posts: 25New Member

    from an electrical point of view just 1 pin each would probably be just fine, but it also doesn't hurt to connect them all and is probably even better (better connection), so that is what I would do (and will do, since I am also planning to power by board this way)

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