The board randomly reboot in Windows using chrome.

Dark New Member Posts: 7
The board randomly reboot in using chrome playback video.
(but ok in only 100% CPU loading and GPU loading)
no blue screen, just suddenly reboot.
i try to using fan to reduce the system temperature
( and the system is running in low temperature.
but that did not help.
This problem is getting worse and regular.
I am using the power supply you provide.
what cause this problem?
Thank a lot.

My system in running in Windows 10.

For your reference, here is my previous post

i don't know is it any relationship between this problem .


  • Dark
    Dark New Member Posts: 7
    Also, it will randomly reboot in any time (include booting up)
  • Dark
    Dark New Member Posts: 7
    No one could help ????
  • mothi
    mothi New Member Posts: 3

    I am getting this issue too :( Random reboots out of the blue...

  • eduncan911
    eduncan911 Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157 admin

    I don't want to play the "works for me" card; but, I've been running the UP Squared with Windows 10 for nearly a year with all uodates, and using chrome.

    Can you post more details?

    • What bios version is installed?
    • Reset the BIOS to factory defaults?
    • What exact power supply are you using (UP Squared needs a big one, and Chrome HTML5 Video playback is very power hungry)
    • What build version of Windows 10?

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