mPCIe 3G module kit (RE-UP3GKITSIM01) The antenna connects to the Main connector

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On the electronic board mPCIe 3G module kit (RE-UP3GKITSIM01 there are 3 conector for antennas . Is the GSM / UMTS antenna that is supplied connected to the MAIN connector?The other two are for what they serve? Thanks

mPCIe 3G module kit (RE-UP3GKITSIM01)


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    Please connect it to " main" connector.

    In general, if there are 3 connectors in a row, RF connectors oriented on the top of the PCB:
    LEFT antenna is the main antenna for 3G
    MIDDLE antenna is for GNSS
    RIGHT antenna is for Antenna Diversity
  • FabioFabio New Member Posts: 20
    ok thanks @AlingWu
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