Install ubilinux on an external sata3 hd ?

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Hello guys
I have installed windows 10 pro and unbutu on mmc 128GB and by pressing f7 I choose the boot system. I wanted to install ubilinux on an external hd sata3 but I can not. If I disable the MMC from bios and try to install ubilinux from usb on a hd sata3 the installation does not start.
Can you help me to install ubilinux on external hd sata3 without deleting windows 10 and unbutu on integrated mmc?
Thank you for your help


  • eduncan911
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    I couldn't tell; but, can you confirm you were success in installing Ubilinux onto the external SATA HDD?

    That is an important question because by default, Ubilinux will ERASE everything on the eMMC drive when it is installed - not the SATA drive.

    Let me try pulling down the latest version of Ubilinux and trying again.

    If you were successful in installing Ubilinux, I suspect it erased your eMMC and installed onto the eMMC - not the external HDD.

    That may be why when disabling the eMMC controller in the BIOS, you cannot boot into Ubilinux?

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  • Fabio
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    Hello @eduncan911 , I install Ubilinux use Ubilinux installer UEFI USB interactive and insert :
    1) Enter
    2 /dev/sda
    3) Enter
    4) Enter
    5) Enter
    6) Username
    7) Password

    And press Enter for begin install

    I now have on mmc Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu while on the external hd sata ubilinux
  • Fabio
    Fabio New Member Posts: 22
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