Got my UP Squared... but how to attach the antenna?

Kasper Olesen
Kasper Olesen New Member Posts: 10
I have installed the board into the casing and I am about to install a OS on it. I also installed the bluetooth / WiFi chip in that M2 port, but I could not figure out how to attach the antenna? I tried finding a guide but I could only find stuff about cases with antennas on the outside.

Here is the antenna

And this is the chip for wireless connections:

I am guessing others have figured this out? I suspect one of those two holes on the chip? There is some tape or something on the antenna chip board, I have not tried removing it yet because I wanted to know where to put it first... and how.


  • WereCatf
    WereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    There are those two, tiny connectors marked with 1 and 2, those are where the antenna goes to. Just place the tiny plug on top of the one marked as 1 and try to push it straight down -- take a little care not to push it at an angle. It's easier if you've got some object handy with a flat surface that you can use to push it down with; place the plug on top of the connector, then the object's flat surface on top of the plug and gently push down.
  • Kasper Olesen
    Kasper Olesen New Member Posts: 10
    That is what I tried at first, just did not want to risk damaging it. Thanks for the tip
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