I have not been able to get the display port to work.

RyanRyan Posts: 3New Member
Hey all,

I can't seem to get the display port to work. Used the windows driver to updated, but it did nothing. I booted into Ubuntu and that didn't find the port either. Any suggestions?


  • RyanRyan Posts: 3New Member
    Bump !?
  • AlingAling Posts: 506Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin
    If you are using Windows, can you make sure the graphics driver is version. Check the download area, then you will get it.
  • RyanRyan Posts: 3New Member
    Thanks for the reply. I've installed the driver, uninstalled and reinstalled. No luck. I also flashed the bios thinking that might help. I also booted into linux and no display is detected.
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