Flashing an image onto new devices

Jesse Kaukonen
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We are considering the Up Board as a platform for a system we're developing. Initially it seems to be suitable and our tests are working, although we may end up using the more powerful Up2 later.

In order to really make use of this platform in numbers we'd be needing some sort of flashing procedure where we can create an image out of an existing system and easily flash it onto other boards. This way we can create our application on one device and with minimum amount of work duplicate it on a new device, as opposed to having to manually install the OS on the device and go through the whole application installation work with all its dependencies as well as system configuration. We've been working with ubilinux for now.

How should we go about this? Should we:

1. Create our own installer of ubilinux with our modifications? My understanding is that ubilinux is a debian based system, and it's not an entirely trivial process to create an image out of a
running Debian system.
2. Create an image we can manually write over the eMMC inside the board? How would we go about creating this image, and how would we flash it?
3. Manually install the default ubilinux on our devices and create an automated installation script for our system without any flashing gimmics?

Ideally we'd want to minimize the work we have to do per device.

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