BOINC and Wifi don't work together? (not solved but workarond)-UP Squared

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tl; dr: complete report:
complete report

workaround: use prior Manger version 7.4.42 instead of 7.6.33


I want to run the BOINC software ( ).

But it seems that BOINC cannot live with the Up² Wifi (cable not tested so far, but I can't use cable at the position)

As long as there is no internet connection, everything is fine.

But the moment a BOINC projects seeks to connect to the internet, the Manager loses contact to the client.
And if the contact is stable for half a minute, browser etc. say there is no internet connection.

Wifi: The one from the up shop

OS: Win 10 home and Win 10 pro same thing. I tried Linux Mint on USB stick but there Wifi didn't even connect to the router. I could see the Wifis and put in the Wifi key but thats all. I am a Linux noob, so idk.

Anyone else using BOINC??