UP Core-Heatsink or fan or less

MarkusMarkus Posts: 3New Member
edited December 2017 in Peripherals
I have ordered one Up core on KickStarter.

Can I use this without a fan or heatsink? I think about a full power application with openCV oder openAI for example?

Its possible to use the http://up-shop.org/up-peripherals/111-active-cooler-fan-for-the-up-board.html on the up-core?


  • AlingAling Posts: 505Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin
    We will still suggest you use a heatsink, although we made it work without heatsink as well. It really depends on what you run on UP Core.
    The active cooler for UP will work on UP Core, but we will make a different version to accommodate the difference heights in some components.
  • MarkusMarkus Posts: 3New Member
    Thanks for your response.

    Will the new active cooler released in august 2017?
  • AlingAling Posts: 505Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin
    I think it would be possible. We will try to work it out.
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