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Is 5A enough for the UP squared N4200 version

I have a hard time finding a 5V 6A power supply.

Would 5A be enough for the Up Squared with Pentium N4200 version ?


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 592 admin
    You can try, but we only tested the one available on the UP Shop:

    It should be more than enough, unless you decide to use all the pheripherals, internal and external, at the same time.
  • LennStarLennStar New Member Posts: 23
    As long as you don't push CPU and GPU to limits at the same time and add lots of periphery it should work.

    I can only say at my install tries the highest I had seen was 16W on the meter. 5A is 25W. That leaves 9W for GPU and periphery.
  • MialaretMialaret New Member Posts: 33
    I may order it from the store, however Ships in 7 days is a turnoff as I just received the up squared ;-)
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