Mobile power source for UP2 board and Intel® RealSense™ Robotic Development Kit

Piero78 New Member Posts: 3
Hello, I've to make a mobile robot based on UP2 board and Intel® RealSense™ Robotic Development Kit.
My question is about the power source, I've to use a battery and I want to connect it to the GPIO pins (4 -> 5V and 6 -> ground).
I want to use this converter, can this solution power the board and the Intel® RealSense™ R200?


  • Kurt
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    edited March 2017
    I will be interested to hear if they think this would work. I would think the 3amp output might be marginal for both the the UP2 plus the RealSense sensor.

    I have not tried it yet on my UP, and don't have an UP2 yet, but in past on robot using boards like ODroid Xu4, I have used this BEC:

    Right now I am playing around with my own RPI hat design to use with my Trossen Robotics PhantomX Hexapod
    One board I am currently trying one of these from pololu: connected to pins (2,4) for +5v and several of the GND pins

    For some other boards, I have used:

    But again I have mainly tested on other boards as easier to replace RPI3 or Odroid than it is to replace the UP boards... But when I am satisfied with my soldering of current board will try on Up board.

    Again I will be interested to see how well that BEC works for you.
  • Jeff Dusek
    Jeff Dusek New Member Posts: 9
    Wondering if you had a chance to try this converter with the UP board? We are also working on a mobile robot using the UP and RealSense. Was hoping I could get away with a USB powerbank, but not enough current.

    Interested to hear your experiences.
  • Jeff Dusek
    Jeff Dusek New Member Posts: 9
    Have you tried any of there solutions with the UP board yet? Interested to hear how they went. Looking for a good mobile solution for a summer student project.