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Does UP support POE?

hi, If upboard can be powered by POE? if so, HOW?



  • Dan O'DonovanDan O'Donovan Posts: 215Emutex mod
    No, UP cannot be powered directly by PoE. You'd need to use an adapter to split out the PoE supply on the Ethernet cable to a 5V supply on a barrel jack that you can plug into the UP board.
  • peoplennpeoplenn Posts: 2New Member
    Are there any recommeded PoE splitters we can buy online. For example, would something like this work: ?

    Have you tested any other PoE splitters?

  • Michael MillerMichael Miller Posts: 91New Member
    You would need something that could put out ~4A to a barrel jack. That splitter puts out 2.4A to a micro USB.
  • AlingAling Posts: 437Administrator, AAEON admin
    We have developed a PoE HAT. It is under test now. We hope we can have it on UP-shop around September.
  • dwiedwie Posts: 1New Member
    Any news on this?
  • Troy LinTroy Lin Posts: 27AAEON mod

    Hi All,

    PoE HAT is available now for both UP and UP2 board


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