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UP Boards power draw

What's the power draw of the UP! board and predicted/tested for UP!^2 ?
What's the maximum voltage accepted by the board's power circuit ?


  • AntonioAntonio Posts: 5New Member
    I've just made some test with my UP board.
    The maximum current I've measured is 1.5 A @ 5 Vdc.
    The maximum power supply voltage must be 5.2 Vdc (
  • MikolajMikolaj Posts: 6New Member
    Thank you for your answer De Benedetti.
    Have you tried it with Intel BurnTest / Prime95 to make sure that the system utilized the maximum CPU power during the measurement ?
  • AntonioAntonio Posts: 5New Member
    I've Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop installed.
    I run a stress test with all the 4 cores at 100% using "stress-ng" package (sudo apt-get install stress-ng).
  • MikolajMikolaj Posts: 6New Member
    OK, thank you very much.
  • ilan ilan Posts: 16New Member
    must be LESS than 5.2V !!

    what extras did you have drawing power from the source ? (like monitor, USB devices etc) - if so the board requirements are really low, nothing close to 4A
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