UP Squared - 7" Display Kit - BIOS V3.3 Settings ?? (Ubilinux)

jan77jan77 New Member Posts: 6

Could anybody please advise on how to set BIOS to get the "LCD Touchscreen display kit 7'' with "DSI-LVDS Rev3.1" to work?
I'm running up-to-date version of Ubilinux.

I'm looking at BIOS -> Chipset -> North Bridge - > IGD - LCD Control
As far as I know the 7" display resolution is 1024x600. That resolution is not listed under "IGD Flat Panel" setting. I guess the "IGD Boot Type" should be set to one of the DSI options since we are using DSI-LVDS board...?

Current display instructions are made for UP board BIOS. (tested on our UP board - works fine)
Is the "LCD Touchscreen display kit 7'' compatible with UP Squared?

Any information would be appreciated.


  • Gordon PatersonGordon Paterson New Member Posts: 6

    I've just managed to get our UP2s working from a similar position with help from Texim UK. The UP2 uses eDP to communicate with the screen so you need to have the correct interface board, does yours have the DIP switch on it? In regards to the BIOS we needed to go to version 3.3 and as for the settings, you just leave everything set to auto in the IGD Flat Panel and IGD Boot Type.

  • jan77jan77 New Member Posts: 6
    edited March 2018

    Hi Gordon, thanks for your reply. Our interface board does not have the DIP switch. It looks like we have possibly bought the older version?? Not sure... (It was bought recently, but through Mouser UK)

  • jan77jan77 New Member Posts: 6

    As an update, we have got the new version of the 7" display (with eDP conversion board). We still cannot make it work properly. Described in:

  • mncostamncosta New Member Posts: 2

    Hello Gordon,
    Can you share more information on how you managed to work this out? I have a UP2 an the interface board with the DIP switches (I have put them according to the screen manual) and can't seem to make this work... What linux distribution are you using and what kernel? What are your setting on the BIOS (you just mentioned the IGD Flat Panel and IGD Boot Type)? Did you change the OS Type on the BIOS (there was an workaround to make the screen work with the UP with this setting)?
    If you can shed any light on this matter that would be great!

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