Electrically Suppressing eMMC?

dakami New Member Posts: 1

Heh guys,

Suppose I wanted to externally suppress the ability of the board to read or write to eMMC. Are enough pins exposed to do that? (Alternatively, would it be possible to mount eMMC from external pins -- these are the same thing, most likely.)

Specifically interested in the Squared, though others are useful. Relatedly, what can the Squared boot from?



  • Troy Lin
    Troy Lin Administrator, AAEON Posts: 33 admin

    Hi Dakami,

    The UP2 board has onboard mPCIe slot which supports mSATA/PCIe interface, you can use mSATA or mPCIe SSD to boot. Also UP2 has one standard SATA connector to use for traditional HDD.

    These are the few options that you can load the OS and boot besides EMMC.