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Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
ok, I confess, I'm rubbish at linux, I usually avoid it, but my project requires me to use it.
I simply have no idea what to do when the alternative configurator and the root terminal ask me for the administrative password.
"ubilinux" only seems to work for some whats the deal here?

I know most of you seasoned linux users are disgusted with me, but my google fu isn't helping, I set up a new user and still it refuses to accept the password I set, so can we please have a linux noobs guide to using the supplied OS?


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,009 admin
    Hi BrianBeuken,

    The default user/password for ubilinux 4.0beta is ubilinux/ubilinux.

    This applies unless you changed it overriding the automatic configuration.

    In order to execute administration tasks, like updating software or installing new software you are required to enter your administrative password, which is (unless you changed it) ubilinux.

    Have you created any other user too?
  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    edited September 2017
    yes thats what I thought, and for the normal terminal it does work, but when trying to open the root terminal, or the configuerator it asked for the administrator password and ubilinux was not accepted.

    I tried creating another user, giving it a password, which I belive is standard ubuntu protocall, but even then that password did not work as an administrator.

    sorry be such a noob, In really am not a linux coder, part of my reasons for using it, while understanding it, is to maintain the level of confusion new users tend to have so I can explain the issues.
  • WereCatfWereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    How, exactly, are you trying to "open the root terminal?" Do you mean you're trying to log in as root, or what?

    The usual method is via sudo, ie. you open terminal, enter "sudo -i" in there and enter your password, and BOOM -- you're root, and from here on out all the commands you type are run as root. When you wanna stop running as root, you enter "exit"
  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    edited September 2017
    From the gui, System tools, there are a couple of options for terminals, one is a root terminal, which asks for admin password. ubilinux does not work,

    Also the alternative configurator which I would like to see in action as I don't really know what it is at the moment, asks for admin password, again ubilinux does not work

    I went into the Qterminal and I can use ubilinux to enable apt-get update etc, but sudo -i only accepts ubilinux as a password, it does not let me set my own.

    From Qterminal I can indeed sudo access all the things I should need, but I'm confused why the root terminal and configurator won't accept the usual default passwords.

    I openly admit I am incredibly ignorant of linux and ubuntu* in particular, but surely the default password (as seems to be confirmed here) is ubilinux yet on 2 key apps in the supplied image that does not seem to work.

    Edit...I just read that UbiLinux is actually Debian based...not that it makes the confusion any less :D
  • WereCatfWereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    I just got my UP2 today and I tested Ubilinux 4.0 beta and yes, those apps you mentioned don't work. The reason is: there is no default-password set for the root-user and those apps are asking for root-user's password instead of yours. It's a stupid omission, the links should use 'gksu' or similar to fire up the apps or, alternatively, they should set up a default root-password.

    Anyways, it's an easy fix: launch terminal, then do 'sudo passwd' to set up a root-password. Now the root-terminal and the configurator should work with the root-password you just set up.
  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,009 admin
    We verified with ubilinux 4.0 rc3 (now final) and the issue is not present.

    We will provide the download link soon on the community.
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