Making Intel Edison Substitute

PiotrPiotr New Member Posts: 1
Is there any chance to lower power consumption by disabling GPU, disabling CPU cores or underclocking CPU to reach Intel Edison power consumption levels?
Intel Edison has two 32bit cores @ 500MHz.
My software consumes 40-50% time of one of the cores (SSE2 computation) which gives amperage about 100-150mA @ 3.7V if I remember well.
Unfortunately on Monday Intel announced end of Edison and I have to find new platform to move on, and unfortunately it has to be x86 with SSE2 to not rewrite and QA whole software.
What I need is single core running @ 500MHz with SSE2 capability and power consumption as low as possible.
Could you please describe your tries with energy saving on UP Board if any?



  • WereCatfWereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    I do not have either an Up1 or Up2 - board yet (I am still waiting for the Up2 to ship), but I thought I'd mention that there are several ways of tuning power-consumption on an x86-platform. You can, indeed, set limits on CPU-speed so as to reduce power-consumption and there is this Intel-developed tool called "Powertop" that can help tune a whole lot of other settings.

    Perhaps someone here would be willing to have a play around with Powertop and see how low they can drop power-consumption?
  • MichałMichał New Member Posts: 1
    I am also looking for an Intel Edison replacement. Can anyone help me?
  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,083 admin
    The best way to reduce the power for UP would be to disable the Ethernet (if not needed), disable turbo, do not connect any hdmi cable.

    Also the board with less ram will consume less power.

    This way you will be able to reduce the power consumption but we haven't tested this scenario properly to advice on how low this board can go.
  • Victor LaiVictor Lai AAEON Posts: 5 mod
    Not sure what devices and application you will connect the board. But here are some of our power measurement reference:
    System : Windows 10 (UP Board)
    Idle : 2.8 W

    1> Enable Graphics RC6 (BIOS Setting) : 2.8 W -> 2.1 W
    2> Enable CPU C7 State (BIOS Setting) : 2.1 W -> 2 W
    3> Remove HDMI cable : 2 W -> 1.8 W

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