[Android] How to "install" google play

BepoBepo New Member Posts: 1

I've been trying to install Android completely. I've managed to install official beta 6.0.1 which comes with instructions in pdf. But as probably everyone already know it comes without google play.

Been trying different versions of google services, google services framework and google play, but I've had no success so far in findig right combo. Has anyone managed to resolve this issue I'm facing? I would be really grateful for any help I could get.

Thanks in advance,


  • Kenneth ColeyKenneth Coley New Member Posts: 36
    I have same issue. No google play and lots of disclaimers in the Read Me. Where can I get access to the build tree for this?
    It's pretty much useless at this point.
  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 556 admin
    In this moment, you can not use UP Android BSP if you would like to install Google play.
    There is a sum of payment to enable Google play in BSP, therefore we don't have the plan to enable it.
  • Kenneth ColeyKenneth Coley New Member Posts: 36
    We have loaded Remix on the board which does have google play and it seems to be working just fine.
    We did have to tweak the installer to make it work.
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