Ubuntu MRAA -> GPIO / SPI using catkin_make in ROS

RR New Member Posts: 1
I've only dabbled in Linux and ROS, and this is my first Up Board. I've actually never even touched a Raspberry Pi, so I have a steep learning curve. The plan is to make the Up Board my main processor for a robot and use the R200 for SLAM. I have a few things I need to communicate to, like and an Arduino and a Bluetooth module. I'm using ROS's catkin to build my solution, but I cannot get the MRAA library to cooperate. It looks like a linking problem since it claims that all my references to MRAA are undefined or undeclared. I was thinking that it was a CMakeLists problem, but catkin keeps claiming that a missing 'mraa-config.cmake' file is missing, so it can't find it (that file does not exist, so I can't blame it). I have MRAA in my home directory, as I have seen it installed on other systems I've been looking at on any forum where I can find people using it. So, does anyone know how to get catkin and MRAA to play nice together? This is on Ubuntu 14 running ROS Indigo.
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