Does the ABS case not work with the passive cooler included on the board?!

Thorsten New Member Posts: 7
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I just got my case...

Now I have to find out, that the case does not fit. Or am I getting something wrong?

Do I have to remove the cooler from the bottom of the board? Will it run to hot?

Please help me out!



  • Josef Rogovsky
    Josef Rogovsky New Member Posts: 19
    I recieved my case last week and installed it without issue.

    I did have to remove the metal plate at the bottom of the board. The ports on the side of the board would not line up without taking the metal plate off.

    Aside from the 4 screws, there is a foam sticker between the plate and the bottom of the board that I had to carefully peel off.

    Previously, I had assumed that the metal plate was acting like a heat sink but I now think that is not correct. I don't think that foam sticker is a good conductor!

    The package came with 4 screws to mount the up-board to pillars inside the case and another set of 4 screws to seal the top and bottom of the case.

    I have had it running for quite some time with the active cooler and have had no issues.
  • Thorsten
    Thorsten New Member Posts: 7
    Thank you schmosef!

    I am pretty sure the bottom metal plate is acting like a heat sink. It just connects to the board at the backside where the CPU sits on the frontside and it gets pretty hot! At least for me as I am only using the passive cooler.

    Does anyone know if Up! recommends the active cooler in case of using the case?

    Thank you in advance
  • Ray
    Ray New Member Posts: 2
    Same issue here!

    I ordered the "free" case (with ridiculous shipping costs for central europe!) and then it does'nt even fit the UP board with the heat dispenser.
    I'm not keen on removig it especially in a case.

    So could please anyone officially respond to this issue on how to proceed?

  • David
    David New Member Posts: 1
    Has there been any official response to this query? Wish I'd checked before buying the case. I am uncomfortable removing the heat sink on the bottom of the board if it was put there for a reason... and I assume it was put there for a reason.

    Without any more information I would suggest this is an error in manufacturing and there will either be a new case with the proper dimensions or more information on the case data sheet. I would hope that UP would replace the cases if we cannot use them with the UP computers we were sold.

  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    The case can be used with the active or passive cooling solution.
    The removal of the bottom plate may reduce a bit the dissipation but it won't interfere with the normal operation of the board.

    The SoC implement a throttling mechanism when the system reaches a certain temperature to avoid overheating.

    To maximise performance (playing video games, full HD/4K playback, etc) I would advice to use an active solution if you put the board in a enclosure, but it is not mandatory.
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