Larger passive heatsink

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I noticed an earlier thread from July mentioned that a larger 13mm passive heatsink was being developed for the Up Board (possibly giving ~90% max performance). The new heatsink should be a really good fit for my application.

Is the larger heatsink now shipped standard instead of the original 8mm heatsink? Or is it still planned?


  • MarkMark Posts: 5New Member
    For anyone looking later, I've heard back from AAEON on this topic.

    The current board is using the original 8mm heatsink since few people were requesting the larger 13mm heatsink.
  • ilan ilan Posts: 16New Member
    Heatsinks are not an issue provided you have a Dremel and Thermal Pads (sticky both sides).
    I believe 3M have somthing relevant.
    and a cannibalized laptop's fan woul be even better.
  • MarkMark Posts: 5New Member
    For my use case I'm only considering passive cooling - no moving parts (active cooling).

    Fortunately, from my tests the Up Board handles 100% CPU load on all cores (compression/decompression/compilation/common server tasks) with only a +12/13C increase, nowhere near the limit where it will reduce clock speed. Perhaps something designed to thermally stress the CPU might find the limit, but I haven't found it for my use cases. No active cooling required.

    I understand it's easier to find the thermal limit with CPU+GPU.
  • ilan ilan Posts: 16New Member
    90°C is the upper limit. so 50-60C would probably be the sweet spot.

    * It should be possible to track CPU Throttling , and worry when that happens too much.
    * The issue with cooling in the air flow.
    * Copper heatsinks and Heat Pipes are solutions too.

    I would try and connect the top and bottom heatsinks - heat bridge - and than to external heat dissipation plate. Thats the idea of heat pipe.
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    My UP Squared is hitting the low 80s (Celsius) with all cores full blast... is this normal? It seems that users are getting very different results.

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