Any guesses what this is about

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yet another failure to add to the list

Wont Boot without first resetting bios
Screen underpowered and browns out
windows has half baked api

Now. Linux built specifically for the board, wont boot.. after appearing to install completely (bar the well documented issue detecting networks)

is it possible that someone can please tell me what this fresh hell is with this board?

(it wont even boot into linux recovery mode....)

I seriously think you guys should pull the current KickStarter and instead launch one to find coders that can finish all the half finished work you started...


  • DCleri
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    Hi CeeBee,

    Thanks for providing useful information for the debugging of your issue.

    The network issue happens if you try to install the system with both the wifi and the ethernet connected. Also the WiFi dongle may not work reliably with some WiFi network as it requires a firmware update.
    If that happens my suggestion is to install the system without network, then plug either the ethernet or the WiFi to download and install an updated WiFi firmware as described in our wiki:

    Linux is not booting as you are using the MIPI LCD which is currently not supported on Linux.
    We are working on an eDP version which instead is fully supported on all OSes.

    You can try to install ubilinux or ubuntu with a standard TV or HDMI monitor or via serial after setting up the system as described in the wiki:
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