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UPS - Compatible with all UP Boards

Chris OlmaChris Olma New Member Posts: 5
Dear Community,

We have developed a compatible UPS for all up boards and would be glad if you could give us some feedback regarding future improvement wishes and general opinions about our S.USV UPs.

Therefore, please have a look at our product video regarding the S.USV UPs for all UP boards:

The new S.USV UPs with integrated charger and future mobile application, includes useful and innovative additional functions and is perfectly suited for complex work in the extended voltage range with all up boards.

- HAT compliant UPS module
- Compatible with all up boards
- Uninterruptible power supply
- Plug & Play
- Monitoring – System
- Intelligent software solution
- Built-in LiPo battery (300mAh) with adjustable charging function
- Battery Management Controller
- Battery Monitoring System
- Power input with extended voltage range of 7-24 volts
- Integrated Real Time Clock
- Time-controlled on and off switching of the up board
- LED – Status display
- Bootloader for Live – Firmware Updates

For more detailed information please visit our product page at
Please also have a look at the How-To of official Up Wiki within "Verified HATs"
Pre-orders are already working on

Thanks in advance,


  • Robert SheltonRobert Shelton New Member Posts: 109
    edited February 2018

    Hi Chris,
    Could you please check the Wiki link? I get a 404. I've updated my Up2 bios and need the software that I recall was available to support this device. Didn't find download links on your site. I'll continue to look, but please ensure that product information is available to us!! Thanks.

  • jysdjysd New Member Posts: 4

    I would recommend everyone that considers these products to read through our experience first:

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