Up board keeps reverting to boot to windows...

Kurt New Member Posts: 146 ✭✭
Sorry this has probably been asked before, but was wondering.

I first installed Windows 10, and then installed Ubuntu 16.04 and things have been working well. Note I typically run my UP headless and normally only SSH into it. I believe I have the Linux boot setup to remember the last boot and boot up that one, with I believe a 10 second timeout.

But recently I have had the system always boot windows. Ended up having to setup Monitor, Mouse and keyboard, to find out the BIOS is selecting the Windows boot first and then the Linux boot. So I had the bios change the order and save away... Worked fine for a day or two and then reverted back to booting windows... I fixed again, worked for a day.... And now again I can not login to Putty (actually Kitty) window and betting it reverted again.

Is there some way I can get the order to stick?

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