UP2 (UP Squared) unveiled on Kickstarter

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The UP Team just unveiled the next generation...



  • Josef Rogovsky
    Josef Rogovsky New Member Posts: 19
    Nice video!

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Alen
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    I quite like the up , it serves my purposes great but given my negative experiences I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone buying anything from you. The fact that you're asking for additional funds and also didn't take the cost of delivery for our cases on the chin (which would have bolstered your PR a bit, which instead you've now just caused everyone to dislike you more) suggests to me you guys are not doing too great.

    Given how much of an issue we've had with the delays on our orders and now being expected to pay for our cases' delivery, what are you doing to restore our trust in your ability to actually deliver your products firstly at all, and secondly in a reasonable time frame?
  • Aling
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    Hi basica,

    We were trying to give as many goodies as possible during the campaign .The ABS chassis was given for free as a small gift for Kickstarter campaign, and unfortunately we could not make it in time. The shipping cost on Kickstarter is for the UP board only, and we have shipped it. In order to make the UP board affordable, we hardly have margin to do a free shipment when we give the ABS chassis away.

    We understood your feeling and learned a lot from the previous campaign, therefore we are very careful with all the commitment this time.
    We appreciate your comment and will keep improving.

  • Andreas Jabs
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    Can i order 2 different boards on Kickstarter? Can't find the funktion on kickstarter =(