Ubiworx register account does not work.

Korneliusz New Member Posts: 24

Here is JavaScript error : ReferenceError: ValidateRegistrationForm is not defined

Register on Ubiworx is impossible


  • Dan O'Donovan
    Dan O'Donovan Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 241 admin
    Many thanks for highlighting this! It should be resolved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Korneliusz
    Korneliusz New Member Posts: 24
    Ok - I'm register now :) But I have some issues

    * Can't delete any added gateways (there is nowhere action delete)
    * I follow steps on wiki https://up-community.org/wiki/Ubiworx. Upboard was added successfully. I can read memory sensors, but GPIO example don't work. On wiki GPIO as Local sensor / actuator, but in Ubiworx is described as Local dummy acutator / sesnor. Here is no option to enter hardware GPIO number (is possible to enter when i'm select GPO / GPI type). I'm enter hw address gpio, but still is marked as red status (inactive). From linux console exported GPIO work fine, but not in ubiworx.

    Anybody ?
  • Korneliusz
    Korneliusz New Member Posts: 24
    Oh.. next issue.

    After restart UpBoard, my gateway have offline status all the time.