eMMC not recognized

GordonGordon New Member Posts: 2
I just got the up board with 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC. The eMMC doesn't show up in the BIOS nor in the EFI shell.
Attached is the snapshot of the EFI shell screen.
Do I need to change the BIOS setting to enable the eMMC?


  • Pierre LaurentPierre Laurent New Member Posts: 6
    There might be a broken initialisation (e.g. grub corrupted, or file system not loading)

    The next step is partially documented here https://up-community.org/wiki/Firmware
    (you might need to plug-in a usb stick with the OS installation if it is a ext4 file-system corruption).
    You might just need to restart the efi subsystem from this msdos-like environment.

    type the following commands

    cd \efi

    there is a file name with the suffix .efi. enter it,
    It reinitializes the missing boot part and re-enter grub from existing file system, or fresh install from usb key.
    (the fresh install will overwrite the existing emmc, and re-create a proper grub initial setup)
  • Pierre LaurentPierre Laurent New Member Posts: 6
    An other possibility : you never installed anything on the board

    To get started
    Download an operating system : https://up-community.org/wiki/Software#Operating_Systems
    Put it in a usb device e.g. as described here https://up-community.org/wiki/Installing_ubilinux
    Plug the usb device into any usb connector

    Reset the board, press f7
    you will get the choice between entering the bios or the install from the usb device.

    It might not work (why ??? why ??) and you enter the screen you mention
    from that stage type "exit", you will be asked for a bios password, just press the reset button of the board, this enters the bios, press esc to exit the bios and this brings you to the install from your usb device.

    And then you will never see that screen again :-)
  • GordonGordon New Member Posts: 2
    It's a brand new board with nothing installed.

    It works fine after installing the ubiliux via USB.

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