Hello from Thailand.

Chris Botha
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Hi All,

I just ordered the up 4/64 and 7 inch TS. Gets here next week hopefully.

I have been playing around with RPi3b running Iot and a variety of arduino boards to produce an app and hardware solution.

Currently have to use a PC interface as the RPi is just that bit too slow to handle it in a user friendly manner.

arriving next week are my 360 servos too, so will dump the arduino side completely and run entire lot from the UP including webserver for remote access to the compiled gifs and image sequences.

Heres to hoping its fast enough...

more info on current build in UWP for windows running on either the RPi or Win10.



  • Chris Botha
    Chris Botha New Member Posts: 48
    hmm. maybe not, just saw shipping is "on backorder" and I was expecting "7 days" as per advertisement. My wife (her paypal) will be cancelling the order today, please advise when you intend to have parts in stock , interim Ill buy a similar product in Australia next week and come back to this once its happening.
  • Aling
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    Hi ,

    We are working on sync inventory status in webshop.
    At this moment, we only have shortage in 7"and 10" displays, which will arrive in early Nov, and 502SSD which will arrive in mid of Nov.
    All the rest can be shipped in 7 days.

    The plastic chassis will be available to order from next week if we get the goods from customs successfully. :-)
  • Chris Botha
    Chris Botha New Member Posts: 48
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    Thank you for your response. I ship 2 million pieces of stock globally so im only too painfully aware of your issues.

    Sadly It does not change my issue, I take felivery next week of BananPi, Firefly and 7 inch rpi screen , camera etc etc from Aus, and I was hoping to finish my build next weekend on your hardware.

    I cant accept partial delivery for the same reason im struggling with the Pi and remote desktop screen.

    My wife is enroute to Aus now, so Im not sure of she cancelled the order of 4/64 full pack + 7 inch screen, but assume its cancelled please unless something changes in your ability to ship in full by end of next week.

    If not, im certain to still buy the goods at some later date (once you have your supply chain sorted) for some other project, and on the upside it must be good if you are out of stock :)

    Kind regards
  • Chris Botha
    Chris Botha New Member Posts: 48
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    Well. color me surprised, Just landed on my desk. Complete. Half a day INSIDE the 7 days promised!
    Well done!