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Retro Emulation On the Up Board - My Video links

Hey, guys, It's ETAPRIME I make a lot of Retro emulation Videos Using different SBC's

I just received my up board a few days ago and I love it! Here are some videos I've posted so far.

Up board CyanogenMod 13.0 Android X86 Benchmarks-

UP BOARD Unboxing And Benchmarks -

Nintendo Gamecube Test -


Running World Of Warcraft -

Nintendo 64 Test-

PlayStation 2 Test-

Snes And Genesis / Mega drive -


  • jayminjaymin New Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2016
    Up Board Ubuntu 16 04 LTS-
  • eduncan911eduncan911 Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157 admin

    @jaymin man, these are nice! I do various installs like this as well.

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