What is Ubilinux?

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it may be a stupid question, but I would like to know the difference(s) between Ubilinux and pure Debian.

Ubilinux is always used with "tm" so it obviously is not as free as Debian, it seems to have evolved around the Intel Edison and it is designed for embedded devices. ok...

But apart from that I can hardly find any background information (is it rather community driven? Or more company driven like Ubuntu? Intel?). Is every Debian package compatible or do I have to recompile things from source?


  • DCleri
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    Hi Azimoth,

    ubilinux is a derived distribution from Debian, specifically Debian 8 Jessie.

    It includes the necessary kernel and user space changes to best use the I/O provided by the UP Board, in particular the 40-pin header.
    All the packages are from the standard Debian 8 Jessie repositories except some which are not provided by the standard Debian distribution and are available through our public repository for ubilinux.