How to use ttys1


The system is Ubuntu 14.04

We need use GPIO UART (ttys1) and we try the step of the link as below , but we don't know how to do it .

we try to use putty to test but the message is unable to configure serial port .

Thank you


  • Kurt
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    Two different topics...

    The Serial Console is ttyS0... I have not tried it yet.

    ttyS1 is on the 40 pin connector and requires a kernel with support. At least when I installed it using the instructions in recent thread about new kernel, it was created for me.

    I have not tried communicating with it to a PC yet, but have had it talk to Teensy 3.2 board at up to 4MBS. This is using my own code using termios...

    There are example instructions on configuring up on the wiki:

    As for using PuTTy, first off the signals are at 3.3v TTL, and the PC expects RS232 signals, so you can not directly attach. You can use something like an FTDI adapter cable, that you can purchase from places like Sparkfun. Assuming you do this, you would configure Putty to talk to the comm port associated with the FTDI adapter at the baud rate you configured the UP board to talk at.

    But remember there is nothing driving ttyS1 on the UP...

    My guess for ttyS0 Serial console is again you would need something like an FTDI adapter.