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Pinout ttyS1 UART


I have installed ubilinux using the instructions on Intel's website for the robotics development kit. The depth camera is all working correctly.

I am now trying to use the TX and RX pins on the pinout for serial communication. However ttyS1 does not show up when running dmesg, I only get ttyS0 and ttyS4. The kernel appears to be installed correct 4.2.0-3-upboard.

Am I missing a step to get this UART device to appear correctly?

Thank you


  • Duncan IglesiasDuncan Iglesias New Member Posts: 15
    The documentation doesn't seem to be correct. The UART1 pins are actually ttyS4 and not ttyS1 as indicated on the website. I came across this myself and was able to get serial working by doing to the following (as root).

    >> stty -F /dev/ttyS4 9600
    >> cat /dev/ttyS4

    Hope this helps.

  • Stephen RobertsStephen Roberts New Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your comment.

    I also discovered this. ttyS4 is working great for me.

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