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Maximum DC current for GPIO pins and power lines?


1) What is maximum load DC Current for GPIO I/O and 5V / 3.3V pins on expansion header?

2) Logic level for GPIO / SPI is 3.3 V right?


  • KorneliuszKorneliusz New Member Posts: 24
    Anybody have informations about maximum load current for GPIO / power lines?
  • AAEONAAEON AAEON Posts: 22 mod
    logic level are 3V3-TTL for all GPIO

    GPIO are driven by Altera MAX V CPLD and GPIO output current (IOH/IOL) for 3V3-TTL is 16mA per PIN with a Max absolute rating of 25mA (Table 2-7 Altera doc:
  • fluofluo New Member Posts: 1

    I can't find any information about maximum current ratings for 5V and 3.3V power pins. It should be stated in the wiki but isn't:

    Could you please provide this information? It's important to know how much current can be drawn to power external sensors or cooling fan for example.

  • shinji2009shinji2009 New Member Posts: 4

    hi. it is also will be very helpful to know is usb3.0 actually can provide 2A to power devices with provided power supply.
    and what is maximum amperage on a camera and display power pins.

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