Looking for community-created 3D-printable cases

KentKent Posts: 6New Member
Hey everyone! I just received my UP Board today and am preparing to get started with it soon. I waited to buy a power cable and case until it arrived.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be that many 3D-printable cases that are built specifically for UP :( or at least not yet. Some cases for the Pi (such as C4 Labs) can work but may require excluding some parts or drilling holes in order to have proper access to ports. I know that UP-Board has released their own case to the community but I would like to see more!

I would encourage everyone to post/contribute their designs and printouts here to get a list going. It would make them much easier to find/track.


  • KentKent Posts: 6New Member
    Sorry, I got distracted from work and the start of classes!

    If anyone is interested in a hastily-made and 95% accurate board as a reference, I've made a model that can be viewed/downloaded here:


    I plan on trying to create some boards just to get ideas flowing.

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