Hello All from Ohio USA

I am new to the forum and joining from Ohio, in the USA. I work as a systems engineer primarily in manufacturing, and I design electrical and mechanical solutions to solve manufacturing challenges. In my free time, I like to dabble in electronics, and set up servers in order to make life easier, at least after the many initial headaches.

I stumbled across the UP-Board over labor day weekend, and wanted to ask the community if anybody has tried using it with the Bitscope Blade. I would love to try and use the UP-Board in a manufacturing environment, and being able to use 24, or 48VDC would be very helpful.

Does anybody know if you can power the UP-Board through the USB OTG port, or only through the 5VDC Barrel connector?



  • Dan O'Donovan
    Dan O'Donovan Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 241 admin
    Welcome to the forum! :-)

    Thanks for your post. That BitScope Blade product looks very interesting - I'd love to see a rack full of UP boards deployed in a solution like that! And with the CPU horsepower, Gigabit Ethernet, and various other features, the UP board could be quite a compelling choice there.

    Regarding power, it looks like the BitScope Blade provides power via the 5V pins on the 40-pin header. That's good news, because this would work for the UP board as well. Ideally, the PSU should be able to supply 3A per UP board, though less may suffice if not using the GPU intensively or powering USB devices from the UP board.

    I believe it is possible to power the UP board via the OTG connector, but I haven't tried it myself and I'm not sure if there are any limitations or risks with that. I recommend powering via the 40-pin header or DC barrel jack myself.
  • Terry J Withers
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    @dan thank you very much for the reply and infotmation, and I agree that it would be very interesting. These boards would do very well in cluster environment such as docker swarm. With the way technology is going the possibilities for projects and ideas are nearly limitless.